Publishers Press is committed to continuous improvement of our environmental policies in cooperation with local businesses, organizations, and government agencies. We meet or exceed environmental legislation, regulations and standards. Publishers Press is dedicated to continuing our history of innovation and efficiency.

Our efforts revolve around a four-point CARE sustainability plan:

  • Conservation of resources and materials.
  • Action to implement initiatives and make decisions and purchases that reduce our ecological impact.
  • Responsibility to our employees, the community and the planet.
  • Education of publishing customers, our employees and suppliers on ways to improve sustainability by our industry.

Using this as the base for purchasing decisions and development initiatives, we plan to improve not only the environmental well-being of the community, but foster social and economical benefits as well.

FSC®/SFI®/ PEFC® CoC Commitment Statement

Publishers Printing Company, LLC holds chain of custody certifications (CoC) from the world’s three leading forest management programs. Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), Sustainable Forestry Initiative®(SFI®), and Programme for the Endorsement for Forest Certification® (PEFC®). When our customers print on the designated paper, the respective certification logo may be printed signifying to their readers that the printed materials meet the highest industry standards for environmental stewardship.

Publishers Printing Company, LLC takes its responsibility to uphold he integrity of the CoC to heart, and will not purposely ignore or take advantage of situations presented which could compromise that integrity. Should we not be sure of a specific rule, we will ask before committing. Should a publisher ask to bend a rule, we will deny the request.  Should a breakdown in the CoC occur, we will submit in writing the situation to both Bureau Veritas and the certifying agency in a timely fashion and ask for help in minimizing the problem.

Publishers Printing Company, LLC wants to be a part of the solution, not part of the problem, and will conduct CoC activities with that in mind.


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