CES Itinerary


day 1 Publishers Press Overview

9:30 Welcome (LJ training conf. room)

10:00 PICA Workshop

11:00 Group Photo, History Gutenburg Press, Walk through Desktop, Plate Making, Library

11:20 Break

11:30 Ink Lab

Noon Lunch

1:00 PrePress Workshop

2:00 Warehouse, Plate Bending, Pressroom, Bindery

2:50 Break

3:00 Shipping, PubXpress Workshop

3:30 Return to LJ Training, Conference Room, Meet with Customer Service, Team, Publishers Employees are Dismissed

day 2 Specialty Workshops

8:50 Welcome (LJ training conf. room)

9:00 Digital Solutions Workshop

10:00 PubXpress Workshop

11:00 Break

11:05 Paper Workshop

12:00 Departure for Commercial Division

12:15 Tour Commercial Division

12:45 Depart

Contact your print specialist to schedule a workshop.



Postal issues are a concern for many publishers. Our PubXpress distribution workshop presents publishing companies with information about efficient distribution options available at Publishers Press. We'll teach you how to combat postal increases using PubXpress co-mailing and drop shipping, as well as how to save time and money on each copy of your magazine. We also have in-house mail-list processing and postal experts to consult on your distribution needs, whether Periodicals-class or Standard Mail.


Take a closer look at our various prepress functions that allow for a seamless printing process. Explore SimonXpress, our proprietary prepress software that integrates prepress functions like preflighting, soft proofing, tracking, and reporting into one simple system. Learn how to cut excess resources with the Xpress Train proofless workflow, and receive valuable tips on minimizing errors and issues from file submission to plate.

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions such as digital editions and e-newsletter programs are increasingly important in today's publishing model. Even more important is how to monetize your efforts, develop an audience, and grow your brand. With Publishers Press Digital Solutions, you can achieve these goals and integrate your printed piece into a creative, interactive, online edition. This workshop will show you the ins and outs of starting a digital edition with Publishers Press, with demonstrations of some of our active titles. This system gives you marketing options and revenue opportunities to boost your print product. Content strategy is everything. Publishers Press offers ContentXpress to easily enrich, validate, store, manage, search and share your content dynamically. Our solution integrates leading technologies with upfront XML tagging and permits full access to content and images archived through an easy-to-use intuitive web portal. This workshop will demonstrate the content ingestion and use case opportunities with ContentXpress.


Publishers Information and Costing Analyzer (PICA) is our free proprietary software designed specifically for magazine publishers to pick up where desktop publishing products stop. PICA allows you to plan, choose layout, select paper, and more. You can perform all the typical publishing functions while estimated costs are calculated for you. This workshop will demonstrate how to use PICA as you develop, plan, and implement future issues.


Paper, a key resource to your printed magazine, may be one of the most complex purchases a publisher is faced with. Our paper workshop, presented by one of our own paper experts, lays out the facts regarding where to start when choosing paper for your publications. You'll see examples of different weights and finishes, along with information about the benefits of choosing a private label stock. Learn about our paper suppliers, and get the facts on brightness, finishes, recycling options, and more.