Publishers Press Received Re-qualification as a G7 Master Printer

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Shepherdsville, KY

Shepherdsville, KY—September 25, 2012—Publishers Press, a content distribution provider and full service magazine printer, has received qualification as a G7 Master printer for the fourth year in a row. This year requalifies our Lebanon Junction, Shepherdsville and Commercial Divison locations and also includes our Mark Andy Performance Series P7 flexo press.

Created by IDEAlliance and GRACoL, master qualification is achieved by using the most modern technology, techniques and process controls required to produce high-quality printing. For the past year, one of our own team members from Publishers Press has become an inhouse professional in the G7 process. This has ensured our continued qualification from here on out.

“Publishers Press has always been eager to research and test new technologies that help us to be a better printer, provide a better service to our customers, and to be as efficient as possible in producing quality magazines,” Larry Blanton, quality control manager at Publishers Press, said.

Publishers Press is a family owned magazine printing company in its fifth generation, with two production plants near Louisville, Kentucky. What began as a printing company in 1866 has evolved into a leading content distributor with a strong expertise in the magazine publishing industry. The full-service operation offers capabilities that include printing, distribution, e-mail marketing, digital editions and more, with a concentrated focus on providing solutions to its clients.

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