NewslettersPressCheck is our quarterly newsletter covering topics relevant to magazine publishers. Some of the topics covered on a regular basis include postal updates and new services at Publishers Press.






Our monthly e-newsletter Pubwire features topics relevant to the digital publishing world and the digital services offered by Publishers Press.

Magazine – Publishers Press also publishes Magazine, a publication that deals with specific aspects of magazine production; it's a magazine about magazines. It is designed as a tool for ad sales people to help advertisers visualize various options available as alternatives to traditional page ads. The second volume is a guide to distribution, so you can learn the most cost-effective and efficient ways to ship your magazines. The final Magazine series is the Viability issue. We invited several industry experts to share their insights and advice to provide continued confidence in magazines and their long-term viability.

Customer Reference Guide – Our Customer Reference Guide is an informative directory that guides our customers through the ins-and-outs of printing a magazine. This guide details the steps from the beginning stages to the eventual distribution of your magazine. We want our customers to become familiar and comfortable with our approach to bringing your magazines to print.