Customer Service

Star ServiceCustomer Service Teams – Everyone claims to offer superior service, but few go to the expense to provide it. Publishers Press has committed numerous resources not only to provide service that is unparalled in the industry, but to genuinely develop a partnership that will be mutually beneficial.

Why does Publishers Press commit so many resources for service functions? "Service to our customers is what separates us from our competition," explains Nicholas X. Simon, President. "Several of our customers have been with us for more than 30 years. Anyone who takes a walk through our plants will see that we have more people to take care of our customers than our peers have."

Customer Service Teams at Publishers Press are made up of five experienced service professionals, each charged with a specific set of responsibilities to assure total customer satisfaction. Each member brings a variety of expertise to the table along with a genuine desire for perfection in each issue, taking pride and ownership in the titles they represent.

Our Customer Service department is available 24 hours a day. All of our service team members have access to our computer tracking and order entry systems to give updated progress reports on every title.

Customer Education Seminars – CES, a two-day workshop, helps our publishing customers gain an intimate understanding of the publication manufacturing and distribution process. Customers visit to learn about our processes including a tour of the press room, classroom activities pertaining to ink testing and impositions. Workshops are also available which cater toward learning more about specific services offered by Publishers Press which include PICA, printing processes, paper, prepress and our digital soluitions.