Software Tools

Publishers Information and Costing Analyzer (PICA) is an innovative job planning and estimating tool available to all of our customers. PICA is a web-enabled software for use on either the Mac or PC platform, and allows for unlimited number of users and receives automatic updates.

PICA encompasses the tasks necessary to plan and publish an entire magazine, not just a single page. PICA offers users centralized job instructions including book building and version planning. It allows publishers to check live inventory for distribution, along with unlimited job scenarios to generate estimates and manage budgets. Through book mapping, publishers can utilize graphical planning of advertising/editorial placements, import ad lists from a variety of sources and insert automatic placement alerts. PICA eliminates the need for paperwork and ensures accuracy with its electronic job submission. With PICA, you can perform all the typical publishing functions while the estimated costs are calculated for you.

SimonXpress is an automated page-processing software that integrates prepress functions such as preflighting, soft proofing and tracking into one simple system. This gives our customers more control and streamlines production.

ftpXpress offers file transfer and reporting capabilities. Customers can get a download link from their Print Specialist or CSR.  ftpXpress was created by Publishers specifically for our customers, with features our customers have asked for.

Smart Ad Portal gives publishers and their advertisers an easier, more streamlined solution for ad submission. The all-in-one portal saves publishers time by allowing the advertiser to submit, approve and deliver advertising materials for both print and digital platforms.

MediaNet allows images to be stored. With today's full-color, sophisticated design capabilities, more and more images are being used. And it doesn't take long before a more dynamic solution is needed to help manage all those image files. For most publishers, it is too expensive to purchase the hardware and software or support staff needed for a digital-asset storage system. MediaNet is an image-storage solution for our clients who supply digital ads or images to be scanned.