Studies have shown that e-mail marketing is one of the most profitable tools for engaging with customers and driving repeat purchases and site visits. But with contacts at various stages of the publisher and customer relationships, the challenge becomes sending the right message to the correct contacts at the appropriate time. Without the proper tools, your brand can risk negative association, reducing your return on investment and potentially driving contacts to disengage.
Publishers Press wants to help drive efficiency in your e-mail marketing with our expertise and sophisticated technologies to apply a well-round e-mail marketing campaign to your brand. From easy-to-use templates onto simple dashboard access to edit your e-mails, Publishers Press assists in creating a straightforward e-mail marketing strategy.

Despite, or perhaps assisted by, the rise of mobile and social, e-mail marketing drives revenue. It remains a core component of any commerce marketer’s strategy. E-mail marketing is economical, fast and has ability to target defined demographics and effective measuring performance results.

Publishers Press has always stood out of the crowd for our service, and e-mail marketing is no different. Let our solution bring additional value to the table through the integration of your print publication and e-mail marketing services. There is a convenience factor involved and we, as your printer, assists in not only printing your publication, but also promoting it through our e-mail marketing solution.

Having a successful e-mail marketing campaign goes well beyond hitting send. As a partner, we want to ensure that your messages reach the inbox with sophisticated deliverability technology and efficiency.

E-mail marketing from Publishers Press offers a number of opportunities to perform tests on each e-mail sent. Detailed reports then tell which e-mails were most effective. All of this is crucial information you can retain, test again in different scenarios, and keep learning.

Publishers Press can help you analyze your e-mail marketing campaigns with these features:

  • Downloadable report data into Excel for offline analysis
  • Spam testing
  • Split testing on any number of variables
  • Supports QR codes in e-mail message
  • More than 35 other insightful and actionable reports, including comparison reports